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‘Digging Deeper’ – the first meeting of the Plants-Soils-Ecosystems group

I just spent the last two days at a really great research meeting in London!  Of course I would say that, because I helped to organise it… I am the student representative for the Plants-Soils-Ecosystems special interest group of the … Continue reading

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Turning Bad Pharma Good

Back in December I attended a lecture by Ben Goldacre, author of Bad Science and Bad Pharma.  He discussed the problems that arise when results from clinical trials are not published.  This can mean that the same research is repeated … Continue reading

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Field notes on science and nature

From the first day of my biology degree, I was told to always keep a notebook and to write down everything I do so that it could be repeated by someone else.  I was always very thorough with this as … Continue reading

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BES 2012 – Intense, inspiring and exhausting!

I spent the last few days at the British Ecological Society’s Annual Meeting.This was my first time attending, but I had heard about it for years.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends and … Continue reading

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Sarah 1, Chemistry 1… might be a draw but feels like a win

Over the last year I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time fighting with the machines that are meant to help me analyse soil and vegetation chemistry.  One is our Carbon and Nitrogen analyser – you put a small amount of … Continue reading

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Something for the weekend… geeky giggles

Who ever said geeks don’t have a sense of humour?  My plan for tonight is see the Festival of the Spoken Nerd in Nottingham, and I’m hoping to catch the next Science Showoff in London this week.  Both combine science … Continue reading

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Science funding – a good investment

Science costs money.  If we want good science, we need to pay for training of new scientists, support personnel, and equipment and materials for research.  In exchange for this investment, science has given us a fundamental understanding of the universe … Continue reading

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