From lab to laptop

Good news – I just finished the final bit of lab work for my PhD!  It’s about two months later than planned due to a series of delays, but it’s finished!  Of course there is now the long process of analysing and writing, and there’s always more I could do in the lab, but it’s a very nice milestone nonetheless.

As I move from the lab to the laptop for writing up, I’m aware that I’ll be spending a lot more time on my own in front of a screen than I am used to.  I’m a little worried about the isolation, so I am relying on friends to help keep me sane through evening and weekend engagements.

This year has been very busy with a heavy workload, lots of travel and various personal things to deal with.  I doubt that is going to change much just because the lab element of my work has been completed, but at least it means I can focus on one thing and I won’t have to commute between Silwood and Nottingham every week.

In the last year, I’ve had to put most of my hobbies on the back burner.  I’m hoping to change that now, if only help separate work time from personal time while working from home.  For a start, I’ve begun reading actual books (not just ecology papers) and baking regularly again.  Now I’m hoping to start blogging again regularly on this site.  I know it has been a while, but I’m just not ready to give it up entirely yet.

I’m hoping to revamp the blog a bit over the next few months and make it a better fit as I come to the end of my PhD and move on to whatever comes next.  I still intend to focus on nature, science, and ecology research generally, but it may look a bit different.  To begin with, I might re-blog some of my posts from the Plants-Soils-Ecosystems blog, and I’ve got some book reviews in the pipeline from my recent reading.  Don’t worry though – I’ll spare you photos of my baking.  No need to mix all of my hobbies.

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4 Responses to From lab to laptop

  1. Mike says:

    Keep up the good work Sarah – looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. sleather2012 says:

    and remember as you write the thesis to have the papers in mind too

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