Bank biodiversity on the bank holiday

“It is interesting to contemplate a tangled bank, clothed with plants of many kinds” – Charles Darwin


My last few posts, including the one on biodiversity, have been bereft of images, so I thought it was time to brighten things up with some photos from our bank holiday trip to the Peak District. Specifically, I wanted to share photos from a not-so-tangled bank where we paused for a brief rest and enjoyed identifying a range of tiny and beautiful plants.

In this short stop on one small rise we easily identified at least 3 grass species and about dozen forbs (non-grass herbaceous plants).  There were probably  more, but had to be on our way after a few minutes.  Below are photos of Erophila verna (Whitlow-grass), Saxifraga granulata (meadow saxifrage), Ranunculus acris (meadow buttercup), and Geranium molle (dovesfoot geranium).  If you look closely, you’ll see lots of other plants hiding in the photos, and some pollinators too.

Erophila verna       Saxifaga granulata

Ranunculus acris  Geranium molle

I hope those of you lucky enough to have a holiday this weekend enjoyed it too.  Many thanks to my friend, John Matter, for sharing his photos.

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2 Responses to Bank biodiversity on the bank holiday

  1. sleather2012 says:

    A bit of a busman’s holiday then?

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