‘Snow better time than the present for science

Snow depth measurement from the Snowtweets website

Snow depth measurement from the Snowtweets website

We’re finally getting some snow in England!  It’s coming down pretty heavily at the moment and it looks like around 2 cm has accummulated on the pavements so far.  Love it or hate it, it does provide an opportunity for yet another citizen science contribution!  The Snowtweets Project is asking anyone, anywhere in the world to tweet them with snow depth measurements.  It’s quick and easy and will provide data for snow mapping models.  All you have to do is tweet them using the form:  #snowtweets <depth> at <location>.  Have a go and see what others are tweeting.  I’ll be taking my ruler outside at lunch time to see what we’ve got!

On the topic of citizen science, I have finally begun to compile a list of projects.  There are loads more I need to add when I have the time, but please feel free to suggest any you think I might miss.  I’m also looking for ways to better organise the list.  I’d like to create something searchable by topic and location (e.g., ‘astronomy’ or ‘UK’), but I’m not sure how to do that within the wordpress framework yet.  At the moment, you’ll just have to scroll through the list to look for something to keep you busy on snowy evenings!

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