Something for the weekend… cats

Fern in explorer modeAs threatened previously, this post is mostly about cats.  Normally I get to go home and spend the weekend with my cat, Fern (pictured on top of our bathroom door – no idea how she managed to jump up there), but since I can’t do that this week the internet will have to suffice.

I know a lot of people are not ‘cat people’, especially in the world of ecology.  To some extent I can see why, and I’m sure studies about how cats are vicious killers don’t endear them to many.  I love dogs and most other animals, but I am definitely a ‘cat person’, and I’ve been reading a few things lately that make me think this isn’t a bad thing.  The idea that cats might somehow boost productivity or creativity isn’t a new one, as highlighted by this week.  A recent study published in PLOS ONE provides evidence that seeing pictures of kittens and puppies can actually improve concentration and performance in some tasks.  This makes me feel justified in working at home with a cat on my lap from time to time.

Unfortunately, as welcome as this news is, there are limits.   Real cats, as opposed to photos, can be a bit disruptive with their demands for attention.  However, sometimes a little distraction isn’t a bad thing, so here’s one of my favourite youtube cat videos.   It is completely ridiculous, I don’t really understand it, and it definitely validates this xkcd comic, but it’s a bit of fun anyway.  Enjoy your Saturday!


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