Zoom zoom…

I feel like I’ve got a new toy!  James Rosindell, a researcher here at Silwood, has developed a very cool interactive tree of life.  It’s called OneZoom.  Basically, if you’ve got a mouse with a roller-ball, you can easily see an entire tree of life for mammals, and then zoom in until you get to individual leaves with species names and conservation status.  You can start the timeline running to see when things evolved.  You can search for groups you’re interested – say bats, or endangered species and jump to the parts of the tree where they’re found.  There’s already a tree of life for bacteria too, and they’re planning to add more groups in the future.  All in all, it’s great fun and could be a very useful tool for scientists, teachers or anyone interested in evolution or biodiversity.  I definitely recommend you check it out!

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